Exciting News in AI: Zuckerberg’s Llama3 and The Next Steps in Technology

In today’s world, technology is growing super fast, and artificial intelligence (AI) is one of the most exciting parts of it. Recently, big companies like Meta and Adobe have shared some big news that could change how we use AI. Let’s dig into these new developments and see what they might mean for the future of technology.

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Meta Launches the Llama3 AI Model

Meta, which we used to know as Facebook, has come out with a new AI model called Llama3. This model is really powerful, with two versions: one with 8 billion and another with 70 billion parameters. These early versions show that Meta wants to lead in making AI that can do more than ever before. Llama3 can create text and images, and later on, it will do even more, like understanding different types of data together.

Teaming Up with Google

Meta AI is getting even better by working with Google. They’re combining their efforts to make Meta’s virtual assistant smarter, using real-time search results to answer questions. This team-up means the assistant will be more helpful to people all over the world, including in places like Australia, Canada, and Singapore.

Adobe Steps Up with SORA in Premier Pro

Adobe is also making big moves by adding AI tools from another company, Open AI Sora, into its Premier Pro Software. This is meant to make video editing easier and more creative. You can do things like change scenes and remove distractions without a lot of extra work. Adobe’s own Fearly modal is also included, giving video editors even more power to create amazing videos.

Protecting Creativity and Rights

As AI gets better, it’s important to make sure it’s used in ways that are fair and safe. Adobe is working hard to protect people who create content so that as AI changes how we work, it doesn’t take away from the rights of creators.

AI in Defense and Helping the Planet

AI isn’t just for creating and business; it’s also starting to help in defense and environmental protection. For example, the US Air Force tested an AI-controlled jet in a mock battle, and it worked! This shows how AI could help keep countries safe. At the same time, Alphabet’s new tool, Project Bellweather, uses AI to predict natural disasters, which could save lives and protect nature.

Looking Ahead

The updates from Meta and Adobe, along with new uses of AI in defense and the environment, show us a glimpse of how AI might change our future. As these technologies develop, it’s important to think about how they affect the world and make sure they are used responsibly. With each new step in AI, we see more possibilities for helping people and making new things possible.


The latest news in AI from Meta and Adobe, along with AI’s new roles in defense and environmental protection, shows us how AI is moving forward. As we watch these developments, we can see how AI is not just changing technology but also opening up new possibilities for the future. As we move forward, it’s exciting to think about all the good things AI can do, as long as we use it wisely and carefully.


What is the Llama3 AI model by Meta?

Meta’s Llama3 is a powerful AI model that can make text and images, with plans to handle more types of data in the future.

How is Adobe using AI in Premier Pro?

Adobe has added AI tools like Open AI Sora to Premier Pro to help with video editing, making it easier to adjust scenes and remove distractions.

What is Project Bellweather?

Project Bellweather is a tool by Alphabet that uses AI to predict natural disasters, helping to protect people and the environment.

Can AI be used in defense?

Yes, AI is being tested in defense, such as in a mock battle where an AI-controlled jet competed against a human-piloted plane.


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